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Tailored Campaign Planning - The 3 Essentials

Here at FlyerBox we are heavily invested in technology, we are confident we have some of the best in house tracking within the industry, monitored live by a non distributing supervisor who oversees your entire drop.

Our Systems allow us to track our team whilst they are delivering your flyers.

Unlike most companies they only download the data after your leaflets have been delivered whereas we monitor this live.

This ensures no corners are cut and the team are given a set counted batch of flyers which will match the house count to the area they are delivering before being topped up. Further to this our vehicles are also GPS tracked from head office to allow no room for error so everything is tracked and reliable per our moto.

In addition to this, you will receive a GPS tracks file to view in the comfort of your own home upon your jobs completion. 

Tracked Distribution
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The key factors to a successful distribution is getting your leaflet right first and foremost. A poor design and you won't engage the right clients. We will work directly with you to optimise your flyer to relay all essential information. 

We have software to break down key demographics, from the average house property value through to ethnic background division and age.

Each postcode we can break down into sub sectors to further optimise your delivery and segment it into the appropriate coverage area for your flyers to be distributed in. 

We always work with you to decide on the optimum planned area beforehand or will happily work with mapping you provide us and tailor your campaign to it.

Targeted Distribution

Repetition is key to a successful drop, we are reliable at getting these out at regular intervals for your business. Many consumers need repetition to act on advertising as only a small amount will engage in the first instance.

Repetition creates brand memory and a sense of security in the customers mind that they have seen your brand multiple times.

Reliability in the leaflet distribution industry can seriously vary with lots of small cowboy companies out there with no investment in monitoring systems or any real interest in growing your brand.

Rest assured with us you'll have a dedicated account manager every step of the way who will keep you fully informed and update you with progression. 

Reliable Distribution
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