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FlyerBox Terms & Conditions

FlyerBox T&CS

All material is accepted for distribution or printing and distribution subject only to the following terms and conditions.

The  below context admits these terms and conditions are deemed to be incorporated into any agreement entered into with FlyerBox  for the provision of door to door leaflet distribution services which you agree with as part of using us as distribution company. 


Agreement – means the terms and conditions set out

Client – means the individual firm or limited company specified to who the Services are to be provided

Services – means the Printed Material and the services to be provided by FlyerBox in accordance with this Agreement.

User – means the individual firm or limited company or other party as may be specified below that is to use the Services


All arrangements made with FlyerBox must be made in writing before the commencement of the distribution by first class post, fax or email, verbal agreements may be accepted but will have no validity in the event of a dispute.

Date of the agreement by FlyerBox to distribute the material is the date agreed with the client for the material to commence distribution to residential or business letterboxes in the agreed area, the material must be with FlyerBox a  minimum of 5 working days or as otherwise agreed for distribution to commence on the agreed date. Otherwise FlyerBox reserves the right to cancel with no refund given.

The time that FlyerBox takes to distribute the material to the residential households in the case of a Door Drop or business premises in the case of a business drop will depend at all times on the availability of FlyerBox Post Person to carry out the distribution. If a specific start and completion date is required these dates must be agreed before commencement of the distribution.

Material accepted for distribution by FlyerBox will normally be carried out by its own distribution force.


The distribution will be delivered in a predefined distribution round, however this predefined area must be agreed in writing before commencement of the distribution. The actual coverage area may vary due to building access. This is to give a rough idea of location coverage.

FlyerBox uses Instagram and Facebook for marketing, due to changing software and methods of campaign tracking old media screenshots you may see on the website or social media platforms may be outdated and are not to be taken as the same as you will receive as we constantly change our software. This is part of our due diligence to ensure nothing comes across as misleading published online that is out of date.


Solus: The distribution will be carried out with no other client leaflets. Clients leaflets will be distributed to FlyerBox  Composite Town Areas normally nominated specifically by the client.

Business to Business: The distribution will be carried out with no other client leaflets. Clients leaflets will be distributed to FlyerBox  Composite Town Areas normally nominated specifically by the client. This is a non residential coverage area.

Hand to Hand:  The distribution will be carried out with no other client leaflets unless agreed otherwise Clients leaflets will be distributed to FlyerBox  Composite Town Areas normally nominated specifically by the client. Generally located in a pre agreed location.


Price is the rate quoted for carrying out the distribution taking into consideration the size and weight of the material and the length of time agreed for the distribution to be carried out. The price quoted in writing will be held good for 30 days from the date of the quotation.

There can be additional charges if the clients request differs from a standard distribution or bespoke mapping or targeting is required.


The number of households or Delivery Points in each FlyerBox delivery round has been calculated using mapping data that is constantly changing so it is there to give you an idea, not to be taken as 100% accurate. The number of Delivery Points however has been rounded up to achieve a maximum level of penetration. Flyerbox  cannot and will not guarantee delivery to all letterboxes within a postcode sector, town or areas apart of any distribution campaign. We uses various agencies, including Royal Mail to estimate the number of letterboxes within postcode areas.  As the data is provided by third parties FlyerBox does not guarantee the accuracy of letterbox counts.

In the defined area of a FlyerBox Distribution Round or other agreed distribution area FlyerBox will use its best endeavours to achieve 100 percent coverage to delivery points in the defined area. However due to the logistics of delivering unaddressed material and the location of delivery points the FlyerBox  Post Person may not always be able to find all delivery Points or letterboxes in the defined area, therefore the level of penetration of the distribution may be less than 100%. In all circumstances FlyerBox cannot guarantee to reach every letterbox in the defined area but it will carry out its best endeavours to reach the maximum level of penetration. FlyerBox will only at its discretion deliver to shops and business premises in the Distribution Round.

Where Pre agreed-maps, have been sent there may be times where there are numerous roads we cannot deliver your material too due to access or it being the wrong property type (e.g. flats which you don't want targeted). FlyerBox withholds the right to deliver outside the areas pre- mapped unless told otherwise beforehand to maximise your campaign and to ensure your material is delivered to your desired cliental in full. 



Any material must be a single sheet, unless prior arrangements were agreed. It cannot have any staples or pins or be a booklet unless agreed otherwise. The material must not weigh more than 40g in weight. If it does not conform to this Flyerbox has the right to withdraw and any costs incurred are payable. 

We cannot offer a 100% delivery rate guarantee due to the reasons below. If we cannot reach a property within the map then the material will be distributed to a neighbouring road on the perimeter of the map.

It is emphasised that there are number of specific reasons why an individual property might not receive an item;


The material is unaddressed and therefore the FlyerBox Post Person may not realise that they have not delivered to a specific property.


The property in question may not have a letterbox or the letterbox may not be in the front door of the property.

The distributor has covered one side of a road and run out of material to complete the adjacent side or carried out the job incorrectly. 

The client has provided their own mapping which does not match the house count to the amount of material provided. We always map a higher letterbox count on the pre agreed maps to ensure we account for properties we may not have access to, this ensures we can distribute your flyers in a surrounding area/road and none go to waste.

The data we hold on the selected postcode area has not been updated to account for new builds which will take up a proportion of the flyers delivered in your leaflet drop.


 If the property is multi occupancy ie a converted house or block of flats it may not be possible to gain access to all separate occupancies in the residence. Sometimes due to security at the building it may not be possible to gain access to deliver any unaddressed material at all.


If there is a warning of a dog at the premises FlyerBox and or its deliverer will at its discretion not attempt to deliver to the property.


If there is a notice at the property or resident/builders out the front advising that the resident or residents do not wish to receive unaddressed material  we will not deliver to that address.

If the property is gated and cannot be opened with ease or set far back down a private lane.

There is a notice specifically stating they do not wish to receive non addressed mail. 


The number of leaflets supplied to FlyerBox will be counted for accuracy. If there is insufficient material to complete the area required, which has been mapped by us, the client will be advised. We will always produce a house count map higher than the total amount of flyers to ensure we don't run out of coverage area if there are inaccessible properties. If maps are provided by the client, we will deliver the quantity of material provided to as much of the area on the clients map, in some circumstances there may be shortfalls as it has not been mapped by us, we generally map around 10-15% larger to account for properties we may not have access to. If artworks vary by campaign we must be notified in writing so we can allocate the correct leaflets to areas, failure to do so may result in wrongly delivered material which FlyerBox will not be held responsible. 


If specific roads need delivering too thy must also be highlighted beforehand, in some circumstances bespoke pricing may be required. If there quantity of the material is greater than the amount need to complete the area nominated by the client the excess material will be retained and the client given the option to collect the surplus material at his cost or to nominate suitable addition areas where the material can be distributed to, this may incur additional cost the client must agree too.  If there is a surplus due to access we will deliver to this to the nearest possible location to the agreed maps. 


Payment is made to FlyerBox on receipt of invoice (or prior to receipt, where the agreed cost has been stated and distribution dates agreed in writing.). FlyerBox do not provide credit terms for the provision of leaflet distribution services or printing. Payment is expected from the client on the basis that FlyerBox  provides a highly reliable leaflet distribution service and payment cannot be a condition of the level of response or number of enquiries received to the campaign or the leaflet distribution. Payment must be made in full before the start date of your distribution. Clients we have worked with previously will have up to 7 working days to clear the INV from the distribution date commencement. 

Where credit terms are agreed with long standing clients 50% will be payable upfront and 50% due upon completion dated on the invoice. Late payment will incur a £10 late fee applied each day until payment is received. Printing does not apply to credit terms and is payable in full separate to the distribution cost. 


Flyer designing comes with unlimited revisions a total of 3hrs of graphic design can be spent on your flyer. Unlimited revisions refers to small tweaks and not a complete change in design from the pre agreed flyer. Once the initial draft is produced unless stated otherwise by the client this would be the flyer which is then revised until the customer is happy with the product.  Once complete, if you wish to use this flyer in the future and changes are required there would be additional costs involved to amend it for your next campaign. 

Flyer designs are non refundable, although flyerbox will adjust/tweak from the original draft until the client is happy if no clear design/sketch is provided. This generally includes things like, text, images or colour/ basic layout. 


The material for distribution by FlyerBox will be held in a secure and dry location whilst the distribution is carried out. The storage of the material however should be insured by the client. FlyerBox (UK) will not be held responsible in any way for the security of any flyers or material belonging to the client. 

Storage is charged at 10 pounds per month per 10k of flyers if they are being held for more than 31 days.


Once a contract has been confirmed by the client either by telephone, post or electronic means, arrangements will be established with our distribution network for the distribution to take place in accordance with timescales agreed between FlyerBox and the client. If the client is also booking our printing service time must be allocated prior to the distribution for the printed material to arrive at the nominated FlyerBox office  or team leader address and be got ready for distribution.

Where the client cancels a contract a 100% cancellation fee will be applied to the contract where printing has been instructed authorised and the order placed on the factory by FlyerBox. Where the distribution of the material has been allocated and reserved a 50% cancellation fee will be applied to the contract and no refund can be offered on print.

The client may cancel a distribution or any part of the distribution any time up to 5 days before the distribution pre agreed date if there is an error or due to unforeseen circumstances. Only a 50% refund can be applied in this case although, as the client will have the option to move the distribution to another day within 14 days of the pre agreed date. A distribution must be cancelled with 7 days notice to receive a full refund (exc print if commissioned).  the company reserves the right to recover any reasonable costs related to the planned distribution upon a cancellation. 

Where a cancellation is accepted by FlyerBox the material must be collected by the client from the office to which it has been sent or a transport charge will be made for returning the material to the client. If the material is not collected from the relevant FlyerBox office within one calendar month of the cancellation date the material will be recycled. If it becomes necessary for FlyerBox to cancel a contract, subject to the circumstances concerned the material will be returned to the client’s premises by FlyerBox  reserves the right to cancel any contract with reasonable cause.

Where FlyerBox makes an error in the coverage area, from the pre agreed maps, we will refund  any other amount decided upon as fair by FlyerBox to compensate the error. The pre agreed maps and the term "error in coverage area" relates to a minimum of 2km difference in the areas and not a missed road or roads which can vary due to the amount of material provided or difference in the distribution report overlay upon completion. 

Flyerbox reserves the right to cancel or move bookings based on weather conditions, this includes heavy downpour or snow. We generally advise our customers not to deliver during these types of weather as material may get damaged. 



FlyerBox provides pre agreed maps which show the planned coverage area. The letterbox/house count provides an insight to the coverage area, although cannot be taken as 100% accurate due to changing data. We have measurable campaigns and provide the actual coverage area upon completion (which can vary from the initial pre agreed maps due to access from our post people), as a map in satellite area  to show you from our road checks the areas we have covered.  We will work within the area highlighted.

Flyerbox cannot guarantee a response rate as within any marketing activity. Response rates are determined by multiple factors outside of our control, these could include things such as: Leaflet design, Consumer interest & location/timing. 

FlyerBox uses GPS technology to monitor the client’s distribution media. We do not share the GPS data with our clients as it is an internal tool we use to locate our distributors from which we provide you an actual coverage report from in google earth or gps viewer which you can view as a KML file or PDF. We keep this data for 7 days from completion of the distribution. We do not offer live tracking either to our clients, this is an  internal tool.


There are times were our trackers can loose signal in more rural areas or run out of battery due to heavy use therefore they may not log all data points, we use extensive manual map back checking along with gps technology to combine and formulate your report to the highest accuracy possible to display the total area and roads delivered to in your campaign by overlaying this data onto a map. In some circumstances due to network outages or lack of signal our trackers may not record data for segments until they reconnect to the network meaning the report we generate, can in some circumstances not show an area as being delivered which in fact has. A member of the team will notify should this be noticed when generating the report. 

Our trackers may also log data if a distributor has walked down a road although this does not guarantee both sides have been delivered to if a property in question has been missed, this can be cross referenced by calling our team who will be happy to assist and can check the back end actual tracks files.

In areas with large blocks of flats or doors with multiple occupants will result in less distributers needed to cover the total area. Area demographic subsequently changes the amount of post people needed to deliver your message. As a flyer being delivered every 10 seconds from house to house in outer London may change if a block of flats has 10 - 100 letterboxes plus at the property therefore reducing the time taken and amount of people needed in high density postcodes. This will be reflected in our GPS data which can be proven in court. 


All material is accepted for distribution only on the basis that it meets the conditions of the British Codes of Advertising. FlyerBox will not accept any material of a sexual, salacious or racist nature. All offerings made by the advertiser should be morally and legally acceptable. FlyerBox retains the right to refuse any material for distribution that it considers unacceptable or inappropriate.


The client shall indemnify and keep indemnified FlyerBox from and against any and all liability loss claims demand costs or expenses of any kind whatsoever which it shall at any time suffer or incur.


This website and its content is copyright of FlyerBox . All rights reserved. You may not reuse or reproduce our content. You may not, except with out written permission, use our content or copy it onto any other website. 


Any complaint regarding the  distribution must be reported within 48 hours after the completion of your campaign so we can investigate.

If you are unhappy with your campaign, or to look into why someone has not received a flyer we would need the full addresses, multiple occupancy properties may receive more than 1 flyer in correspondence with the amount of doorbells unless specified otherwise by the client


This is one of 2 examples where more than 1 flyer would be delivered to the same property, the second being an error from our distributor where 2 pieces of material may have got stuck together and gone unoticed.

The agreement is severable in that if any provision is determined to be illegal or unenforceable by any court of competent jurisdiction such provision shall be deemed to have been deleted without affecting the remaining provisions of the agreement.

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and the parties here to agree that the English Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.


We will keep our privacy policy under regular review and will place any updates on this webpage.

Last updated December 23rd 2022 

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